Are you tired of trying to learn Pinterest by yourself?

Does it seem like you need a ton of time and skills to master Pinterest for Business? The solution doesn't require that you spend your days glued to your design tools and Pinterest account.

I wrote The 7 Day Pinterest Social Media Plan so that you could take back your time, lose the frustration, and get your Pinterest account primed in just 7 days!

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7 Day Pinterest Plan Book

Do you want to learn how to use Pinterest for Business--without sacrificing your time and energy? Are you looking to consistently grow your email list, product sales, and brand awareness? Do you wish your online marketing efforts produced killer results and generated an income?

The solution isn't to get rid of Pinterest, use a different platform, or sacrifice your calendar and time. The solution involves a strategy.

I Yielded Real World Results From This Book!

I was totally misguided about the power of Pinterest until I read this book. Using the advice contained in it, my social media activity is up over 1000% is just over a month! So the results of this book speak for itself.

It’s an amazing read that I highly recommend to anyone seeking a better handle of the intricacies of Pinterest and its ROI potential.


Amazon review

 THE book to have for a solid Pinterest strategy

The 7 Day Pinterest Plan isn't just about how to get on Pinterest and get going, it gives an entire plan to use Pinterest to effectively market your small business. Yes, you can actually do it all in 7 days! I followed the plan and it wasn't difficult or overwhelming. My favorite thing about this book was the action steps at the end of each gives you a step-by-step plan that was so helpful. Seriously wish I had this book sooner! I know I'll be referring back to this one. You need this in your library.

Angela Palmer

Esthetician & skin care business owner

7 Day Pinterest Plan: The Basics

In this results-driven guide, you'll learn: 

  • How to set up your Pinterest for Business account with the right keywords so you can begin ranking on Pinterest immediately
  • The best methods for creating pins so you don't waste time on designs that won't get you the best results
  • The strategy for saving and scheduling your pins so that your content stands out and doesn't get marked as spam on Pinterest
  • How to use metrics to build your strategy and consistently understand the results of your hard work
  • How to get remarkable results for your business without relentless effort
Promote Your Website

A beginner's guide to using Pinterest to promoting your website content and your business without wasting time.

Delight Potential Buyers

Create attractive pins that drive potential buyers to your website sales and signups. No graphic design degree required!

Build Your Brand

In 7 days, you'll have a profile, boards, and a deeper understanding of how to use Pinterest to grow your business.

7 days

The Book Contents

Introduction to Pinterest: What is Pinterest?

How does Pinterest work for marketing? Will Pinterest work for my niche?

Day One: The “Who” and “Why”

Who is my audience? How do I find my audience? What is the purpose of my marketing plan? What are my business goals?

Day Two: Pinterest Profile & Boards

How to find categories and set up your boards, How to find keywords, How to use keywords for your profile

Day Three: Creating Pins that Attract

Creating the best pins, understanding licensing on images, find stock images, what works best on Pinterest

Day Four: Using Pins on Your Website

Browser tools, website plugins, and hover buttons for sharing Pinterest pins

Day Five: Your Pinning Strategy

Manual & Scheduled Pinning, saving pins, intervals

Day Six: Pinterest Analytics

Understanding metrics to fine-tune your strategy

Day Seven: Putting it All Together

How to use everything you learned in a simple marketing strategy

FAQ’s & Content Tips

Commonly asked questions about Pinterest and other ways to create content

Includes daily action steps & pro tips in each chapter


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Pinterest Doesn't Have to Be a Time Suck
7 day pinterest plan book

If you are tired of googling, searching, and joining groups and want a simple step-by-step solution to Pinterest marketing, grab a copy of this book and move closer to your business goals. The book is available for Kindle or paperback on Amazon.

A Note from Michelle

Pinterest isn't rocket science, but you wouldn't know that with all the master classes, expensive memberships, and long trainings. You'd think only experts can know how to use it. This just isn't true.

I wrote this book because Pinterest doesn't have to be a complicated marketing tool. It can be easy and fun. And you don't have to spend hours in classes or online trying to get it. This book will walk you through the basics in 7 days, setting you up for success at the beginning. Save your time and money and invest in the easiest solution for your business promotion.