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Powerful Online Graphic Design Tool You Need to Use

February 16, 2021

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Visme is an online graphic design tool created specifically for non-designers. I had never heard of it before, so when Visme approached me and asked if I’d try it out, I was intrigued.

I know what you’re thinking: Don’t we have enough programs floating around? What makes Visme different?

After logging in to the platform, at first glance, it looked similar to other platforms I’ve tried. And trust me, I’ve tried more than my fair share of “graphic design tools”. But despite the similarities in appearance, Visme stands out in many ways that I think are important for you to know.

Before I discuss my impressions of Visme, let’s talk a bit about the design process that I think is best with any tool you use.

Content Creation Process

It’s always a good idea to take your ideas offline before stepping into any program. This is true even if you use Adobe Creative Cloud or any other tool. Brainstorming, thinking through your audience’s needs, and designing content around those needs is important. Don’t just skip those steps and head over to your design tool thinking it will solve your creative issues. It won’t. Here’s what you need to do:

1) Set goals for your design (are you selling a product? promoting a landing page?)

2) What are the problems your audience currently has? How will this design be a step in helping them with that problem?

3) Brainstorm your ideas on paper. What emotions, symbols, and other elements can be used to convey your idea?

4) What action should your viewer take with your design?

Spend some time thinking through that and then plan out a design or concept for a design. Here are some tips to consider:

Creation with Templates

For the best results that stand out professionally, try using templates. You don’t need to be a designer to use them and the hard stuff has already been done for you. Templates already include the layout, text, and overlays you’ll need. You just edit the text and design to your liking and then save the design with your branding and content.

Graphic Creation

You don’t have time to create or gather graphics, so use a tool that already has a database with graphics, icons, illustrations, and so forth. And don’t forget about videos and animations. These are becoming more and more popular to use. Any program you decide on should have high-quality visuals, vector icons, colors, photography, and other visual content.


You know what will make me run away in about 2 seconds flat? Platforms that don’t allow me to use my branding: fonts, color palette, images, and so forth. If I can’t upload my own fonts (or find them on the platform), use the images or videos I want, and set up my own colors, then what’s the point? Might as well go use the Paint program on my computer.

Any program you use should have the ability to customize for your brand.

What an Online Graphic Design Tool Needs to Do

Design tools should help bring your business to a new level, help you convey your message to your audience, and ultimately, bring in leads and traffic to your offers. Remember that it’s a tool, not your entire marketing strategy. It needs to support your business and goals. It shouldn’t be a platform that you have to work around and adjust your business to, but a platform that supports YOU.

So now that I’ve mentioned a few things you need to look for, let’s see how Visme adds up.

What is Visme?

Visme has stated it’s a “design tool for any skill level”. It works for individuals, but also businesses with teams to create brand visuals and presentations that tell their story. It allows your business to create animated assets, clickable content, and embed forms. You can create anything from presentations to reports to social graphics using the online graphic design tool. You can even create timelines using Visme!

The bottom line is that this tool helps you create content consistently while also helping produce engaging content, even if you aren’t a designer or have limited graphic design skills. Check out this video:

How do you use Visme for Business?

Visme can be used like any other design tool for your business. It’s a marketing asset that helps you create stand-out graphics, presentations, and documents. Visme stands out in some areas, such as with their beautiful animations and designs. The power of Visme doesn’t end at designing though; you can also track the interactions with any presentation you use on your website. Visme allows you to embed your presentations and then tracks them on the back end. Pretty cool!

Also, Visme offers branding capabilities with a color palette, logo uploads, and your own fonts. You can also upload your own images and videos to truly customize your business assets.

Other Online Graphic Design Tools

I love having an assortment of design tools at the ready. Canva gets high marks from me for how simple it is to use and because I can create graphics quickly. At times it seems limited such as not adding shadows behind images and having simplistic animations.

Tailwind Create is a great tool for pin designs but doesn’t do much else. You can’t use it to create video pins which honestly sucks. But as far as getting my pins created quickly, Tailwind is a beast. I love it for the fact that I don’t have to spend all day creating standard pins. And I can push my designs right into the schedule.

Adobe Creative Cloud is supposedly a master design tool, but it’s a resource hog and takes me 5 minutes just to open it. It is a far cry from the almost instantaneous response I get from all the other programs that are online. What it lacks in speed, it makes up for in professional designing. It’s a resource hog for a reason and it’s because it has way more functionality than other programs out there. It also costs a lot more money.

How Does Visme Compare?

Visme is specifically designed for people who aren’t designers but want to look like they are. And as a designer myself, I can honestly say that their platform is:

  1. beautifully laid out
  2. easy to use
  3. has hundreds of presentation templates including non-cheesy animations and videos

I think Visme is best for those looking for an alternative to PowerPoint or Google slides, but it can also be used to create social graphics, infographics, and my favorite–videos. The templates are easy to edit and use. I did find that the video download took a little longer than I thought, but the result was beautiful.

While Canva has numerous graphics ready to use, I find most of them just don’t fit my brand style. Visme offers professional styles as well as animations and graphics.

In a nutshell, Visme is a lot like other tools but so much more.

Think Canva… but more powerful and feature-rich.
Think Powerpoint… but more intuitive and scalable.
Think Prezi and Infogram… but more flexible and versatile

Interested in case studies? Read this one about switching from Canva to Visme to power-up their business.

Visme Animations for Pinterest Pins

Does Visme work well for Pinterest pins?

Yes and no.

I think the standard pin templates are really basic. I don’t think they work well “out of the box”. However, creating video pins or animated pins are actually really fun and simple. I was able to create this video pin in a few minutes.

Although the pin designs are fairly standard, you can do a few things to make them better:

  • Add animations
  • Change up the text
  • Add images that make it stand out
  • Add video

Visme utilizes a powerful yet easy-to-use animation engine. Virtually any object can be animated with a couple of clicks. Simply click on an object, and you can apply an animation preset from the “Animate this Object’ button. 

Visme recently updated its platform so that everything runs off one timeline, including infographic widgets and audio, allowing for seamless control. This way, every animated object will appear on the same timeline.

I’m also a newbie at using the platform, so I’m sure with more learning, I could make my pins even better.

Visme Widgets

Visme has several types of widgets including chart and data widgets.

By default, all charts are animated so when you load them, you can see them form into the final design. You can also turn off animation via a simple on/off value under Settings.

I love how the presentations transition and just appear extremely professional. Unlike other programs I’ve used, the video and transition features are top notch.

Other Graphics and Effects

One of the cool things about Visme is that you can change the color of the animations. In other programs, you were stuck with whatever color they offered. Not so in Visme. You can change it up and make it your own.

Simply choose a character for your design and if you don’t like how it looks, change it! I haven’t seen any other platform that does this, so the animations on Visme are probably what impresses me the most. You can change gestures, colors, and more.

online graphic design tool for animations

I decided to use Visme to update some of my course videos. I will say I had a very hard time getting the videos to work. If you embed the videos it is smooth as jazz. But if you download the video to use elsewhere, it seems to run into issues. To be fair, the video download is in beta. I did send out an email and was responded to quickly, but my video still isn’t working unless I embed it (sad day).

Visme Online Graphic Design Tool Pricing

The pricing can seem a bit steep. If you are a solo business, it’s really not much more than other programs I’ve seen. Unfortunately, you are limited to 15 projects a month for $15 a month (on an annual plan). The next level up is for Business and it’s $29 a month. There’s also a free version, so go kick around the tires and see what you think.

Although the pricing is a bit more, I think because Visme is more powerful and avoids being “cookie cutter”, it’s worth the price to stand out and be noticed. I think it comes down to where you are at in your business.

Going into my fifth year of business, I wanted a design software that was more polished for the type of client I was trying to attract and where I was growing my business. And that’s where Visme was the perfect fit.

Melissa – Little Black Desk Society

The increase in visibility might be worth the cost of the platform.

online graphic design tool visme

Final Thoughts on Visme

Visme is a step up from other platforms that you can find and use for your business designs. If you want to create graphics that truly stand out, Visme might be the best option for you to move forward. With amazing animations for creating presentations, business documents, and social graphics, it’s a tool that is robust and versatile. I especially love the animations and the ability to customize almost anything which isn’t something I’ve seen on other platforms. There are two major downsides to this tool that I see: price and tech issues. The price might seem out of range, but if it improves your marketing, you can consider that an ROI that is worth it. The tech issues are ongoing and I’m almost positive that Visme will step up in this area.

While Visme could replace your other design tools, I think I’d prefer to use it for the higher-end graphics. Canva still has its place in my business, but you could use Visme to replace most of your tools if you wanted. Either way, you can’t go wrong using Visme as a marketing and design tool.

Check out the links below to try it out:


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