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Not sure about Pinterest for your marketing and business? Take a look through these answers and find out more. Toggle the question to expand to see the answer.

What is Pinterest for Business?

Although many people use Pinterest for personal reasons to find recipes, hairstyles, or fashion items, that's not all Pinterest is. Pinterest has a vast array of categories to choose from that people post to. Businesses use Pinterest to market their inspiration and positive ideas to the platform by using "pins". Pins lead to your website URL content and can be shared and even go viral! I'll be adding a class soon, so check the Membervault!


Do I need to know design to create pins?

You will need to learn some skills to create pins, but you don't need to be a graphic designer. There are so many easy to use tools that you can now create pins even faster. I personally recommend using Tailwind Create because you just pull in your URL and it automates several pins for you. Then you can edit them and make them your own.

There are other programs such as Canva, Adobe Spark, Stencil, and PicMonkey that have plenty of templates to choose from. Design doesn't have to burden you, but if you are stuck, be sure to sign up for my Pinterest Design Course (coming soon!) to learn how to design without the headache or grab some of my Canva templates!


Is my audience on Pinterest?

If you aren't sure if you audience is on Pinterest, try searching on Pinterest for your specific niche. If others are posting about your topic or theme, then it's likely your audience is on Pinterest. You can also skim competitor websites to see if they are on Pinterest. That's a good clue to know if your niche is Pinterest friendly. If your competitors aren't on Pinterest, don't worry. Not everyone is using it. It's better to see where your audience is hanging out and ask them or "social listen" to see if they are using Pinterest.


How can I use Pinterest for my business?

The main way people use Pinterest is by creating pins that lead to their products, services, classes, or shop. You create several pins for one piece of content and schedule them to Pinterest. By building up your audience, you can use Pinterest to get signups, sales, and direct traffic.

Another great feature is Story Pins, which don't link to your URL but does help with followers and engagements.


What size should my pins be?

Pin sizes are generally 2:3 ratio, meaning the width of the image is 2/3rds the height. For example, 1000 x 1500 pixels. Depending on the pin image, there might be other limitations and rules. 

Video pins, carousel pins, story pins, and standard pins all have various sizes so check out the Ultimate Image Size Guide for 2021 for the best answers.


How do I know which pins my audience likes?

Using A/B Testing is the best way to learn what your audience is attracted to. You change one element and run a test on it for a time period–enough time to learn what your audience likes. You can learn more at A/B Testing: 10 Answers You Need to Know.