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The Quick & Dirty Guide to Keyboard Shortcuts for Canva

September 8, 2020

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Most people are not familiar with the keyboard shortcuts for Canva. Beyond copy and paste, Canva has an assortment of time-saving keyboard shortcuts, that if learned and used, will save your business a great deal of time. In this post, I’ll show you how Canva can be an excellent resource for designing your Pinterest pins with an efficient set of shortcuts that will save you time and eliminate frustration.

canva shortcut featured image
Save Time With Canva Shortcuts

Although Photoshop still is beneficial to graphic designers, gone are the days of having to learn complicated software to design your Pinterest pins. Canva is great because it’s free (the paid version isn’t that expensive either), and the learning curve is simple. Not only can you create images for Pinterest, but it for various other designs such as:

  • Social Media
  • Advertising
  • Website banners
  • Youtube intro videos
  • GIF files
  • Video files
  • Website elements
  • Logos

Canva has many uses, so it’s essential to learn the shortcuts to use it as efficiently as possible.

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Why should I use keyboard shortcuts for Canva?  

Canva shortcuts allow you to save time on graphic design for your Pinterest pins. When you learn the shortcuts in Canva, you are learning how to save time on designing. Every program out there has shortcuts for doing things more efficiently and allowing a user to multi-task. 

These shortcuts are a huge time-saver, but it’s also a health saver. Did you know that people who exclusively use just the mouse can get something called RSI (Repetitive Syndrome Injury)? Alternating between the mouse and keyboard reduces the fatigue on your wrists and fingers. As a business, you need to work fast and get things done. Using shortcuts encourages efficiency and productivity.  

If you learn shortcuts for one program, oftentimes that same shortcut works in other programs. For instance, CTL + C (or Command + C on a Mac) is almost always used to copy an element, whether that’s text or an image. If you learn the Copy + Paste command in Microsoft Word, it also works in programs like Canva and Photoshop. Those precious minutes of time-saving shortcuts add up!

pinterest pin - canva shortcuts

How do I use Canva Shortcuts?

Even if you are using Canva Templates, it’s important to learn the shortcuts if you want to duplicate an element, add in your text or graphics, or group elements together. 

There are multiple ways to use shortcuts in Canva, which fit into categories: 

Basic Shortcuts: Copy & Paste, Zoom in & out, Show grid, resizing, select elements, and undo/redo.

Grouping Elements: Grouping and ungrouping and fitting objects to a page 

Moving Elements: When you want to move something or nudge it by a certain amount of pixels and solutions for tough to select elements in Canva.

Text Element Shortcuts: Changing the case, underlining, adding new text, alignment, and adding borders 


When you are just starting, try learning only the basic shortcuts and then add in more shortcuts over time. This process will help you feel less overwhelmed.  

Canva keyboard shortcuts

What are the most used keyboard shortcuts for Canva?

Most of us know the basic shortcuts for most programs, but I’ll cover the basics. There may be some you are unaware of when using Canva. 

Basic Shortcuts 

These are some basic shortcuts that are available on most programs. They are fairly self-explanatory.

CTRL/CMD + A : Select All

ESC: deselect

DELETE or BACKSPACE: delete element

CTRL/CMD + C or V: Copy/Paste

CTRL/CMD + Z: Undo last action

CTRL/CMD + Shift + Z: Redo last action

TAB key: Previous/Next

CTRL/CMD and + key: Zoom in

CTRL/CMD and – key: Zoom out

CTRL/CMD + S: Save file

Spacebar: Play or Pause a Video


Here are some shortcuts you might not know.

  • To add an element to a selection, hold down the SHIFT key and then use your mouse to click & drag the element to add it to the current selection
  • A few other ways to copy an element would be to use the ALT or OPTION key and click & drag the element to create a copy. You can also use CTRL/CMD + D to make a duplicate of the item. You might not see the duplicate, but it’s often on top of the item you duplicated.
  • For zoom, it’s useful to use the Zoom and then + or – , but if you want to see the actual size or know how to get the board to fit in the window, use CTRL or COMMAND + 0 to make it the actual size and CTRL/CMD + Shift + 0 to fit it back into the screen.
  • You might know how to adjust the handles on a photo or graphic to resize it, but you can also crop it by clicking on shift and then dragging the handles.

Beginner Keyboard Shortcuts for Canva

Shift + Mouse Click & Drag Add object to current selection
ALT/Option + Click & Drag Quick Copy
CTRL/CMD + D Duplicate an object or element
CTRL/CMD + 0 Zoom in to actual size
CTRL/CMD + Shift + 0 Zoom to Fit Screen
Shift + Move Handles Resize or crop an image

What are the advanced Canva Shortcuts?

The next set of shortcuts will really up your game. Try to remember even a few of these and you’ll save so much time.

Most of these are explanatory, but here are a few that I think you might need more information.

  • To move an element on the artboard backward or forward, you’d use CTRL or Command and then use the brackets. This will move it through the layer. Everytime you place an item down on the “artboard” it gets added to a layer. Sometimes you want an item to go all the way to the front or all the way to the back. If that’s the case, then use this shortcut:

CTRL/CMD + ALT/Option + [ or ]

  • When you want to nudge something over a tiny bit, select that item and then hit the L or R arrow key. If you want to move it over a bit more, try Shift + arrow key.
  • With a text box selected, you can change the size of the font by using



Using a comma or period will increase or decrease the font size easily.

  • If you’ve used Canva enough, you’ll notice that you can create more than one page in each design. You can add a page by using CTRL or Command key and the ENTER key. Don’t want that extra page you just created? Hold down CTRL/CMD and the delete key.
  • You can put space between your sentences by using ALT or OPTION and then the arrow keys.
  • Lastly, want to search an element, photo, or other component in Canva? Open up the search with CTRL/CMD + ? or /. You can also close it this way too.

Advanced Keyboard Shortcuts List

CTRL/CMD + G Group Elements
CTRL/CMD + Shift + G Ungroup Elements
CTRL/CMD + ] or [ Move an element forward/backward
CTRL/CMD + ALT/Option + [ or ] Move all the way to the front or back
Arrow Keys (L or R) Nudge an element by 1px
Shift + Arrow Keys (L or R) Move element by 10px
CTRL/CMD + Shift + K Change text to uppercase or lowercase
CTRL/CMD + U Underline text
CTRL/CMD + B Bold Text
CTRL/CMD + i Change text to italics
CTRL/CMD + L, R, or C Align text to the left, right, or center
CTRL/CMD + ALT/Opt + H, M, or B Align text to the top (default), middle, or bottom
R, C, or L Create a rectangle, circle, or line
T Create a text box
Shift + CTRL/CMD + < or > Increase or decrease font size
CTRL/CMD + Enter or Delete Add or delete a new page
CTRL/CMD + Shift + J Align a group of text boxes
ALT/Option + UP or DOWN arrow Line Spacing
CTRL/CMD + / or ? Open or close the Search
CTRL/CMD + ALT/Opt + C or V Copy or Paste a Text Style
CTRL/CMD + ALT/Opt + L Loop Video
ALT/Opt + Shift + T Tidy Up
ALT/Opt + Shift + L Lock / Unlock for editing
M Mute or unmute a video
Shift + R Toggle Rulers on/off
? Open up help. Hint: search “keyboard shortcuts” for quick access!

Watch the Shortcut Video

Shortcuts on the Menu in Canva

One of the best ways to design is to use the guides in Canva. You can access the guides which show the margins, print margins, and rulers under FILE. In the photo, I’ve selected the rulers and guides which is shown with a checkmark next to it. If you are planning on using a print design, you can turn that on as well.

The rulers allow you to know where you want to place elements. You could drag the ruler to the center vertically and horizontally so you can find the exact middle of your document. This can keep your text and images in balance.

screenshot of canva

Canva Help

Quick Tip: Inside the Canva workspace, press the ? key and it will open the Help feature. Type in “keyboard shortcuts” and you’ll get the entire list right there!

Canva Keyboard Shortcuts in the Help Area


These shortcuts will save you time on your design workflow. Incorporate these tips little by little and you’ll start seeing the benefit of using shortcuts in your processes. Learning even the basic shortcuts will give you a return on investment because you are saving time, lightening your workload, and using quick methods for efficiency. All that time adds up and can be better spent on your business goals. 

Download the FREE TEMPLATES!

Grab a free set of Pinterest templates made in Canva! You only need the free version to use and you can create a variety of Pinterest pins with this mix and match set. 


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