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Create Viral Story Pins for Pinterest

August 11, 2020

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Story Pins are a newer feature from Pinterest, Not to be mistaken with “stories”, which you have likely seen on Facebook or Instagram. So, what are story pins? How can you use it? Will it help your business or audience engagement? Let’s walk through the steps to set up Story Pins and learn how to use it for your business.

What Are Story Pins on Pinterest

The idea behind Story Pins is to share content and ideas with others. You can add up to 20 images and each image contains a step or piece of the story. Some ways to use the Story Pins feature include a step-by-step recipe, a how-to tutorial, or a brand story. Story Pins can be photos or videos and there are no restrictions for sizing (you can resize your images to fit). For the best results, you should use a 9:16 ratio for your photo pins.

pinterest story pins image for pinterest pinning

How do I get story pins?

At this time, not everyone has Story Pins. You can find out if you have the feature by visiting your profile and clicking on “Create”. If the dropdown shows “Create Story Pin”, then you have access to it! If not, then you can request it here: Request on Pinterest.

pinterest create pins screenshot
Go to the “Create” dropdown to see if you have Story Pins access

At one point, I had two Pinterest accounts and one of them didn’t have access to Story Pins. Even with a request for Story Pins, I still didn’t have it months later. Something to keep in mind if you aren’t making headway with accessing Story Pins.

How do I add a link to my Pinterest Story?

While you can use Story Pins to create all kinds of step-by-step or DIY tutorial pins which will help you gain recognition on Pinterest, the biggest drawback is that the pins are not linked to a URL. Standard pins, video pins, promoted pins, and other types of pins usually redirect to a web page, sales page, blog post, or product, but Story Pins do not. They are visible on Pinterest, but you can’t send traffic to your website using them.

I still see a lot of tutorials saying you can add a link and this is false. At one time Pinterest tried it but took away the feature.

So why would anyone take the time to use this feature?

The upside is that you will drive traffic to your Pinterest account. While this might seem like a small thing, it’s important to remember that someone coming to your Pinterest account will most likely follow you and therefore see your pins (and those do have URLs!). So it’s another way to gain traction on Pinterest. Visibility is important even if they aren’t directly visiting your website from a Story Pin.

Pinterest Story Ideas

The best place to get Story Pin ideas is from Pinterest. Pinterest Creators has a board dedicated to inspiring Story Pins that you can visit here.

According to Pinterest, Story Pins benefits include:

  • You can add images, videos, captions, supply lists, and more
  • Get fast feedback from your audience with comments, tries, and reactions (in other words, boost your reach!)
  • Reach new people who are interested in what you’re creating. Pinterest will share your content with other people besides your followers!

Download the FREE TEMPLATES!

Grab a free set of Pinterest templates made in Canva! You only need the free version to use and you can create a variety of Pinterest pins with this mix and match set. 

Best of Story Pins

Here are some ideas from Pinterest that might inspire you:

How to Create a Story Pin in Canva

In Canva, you’ll need to size your pins to 900 x 1600 or a 9:16 ratio. If you use a different size, you’ll end up playing around with it in Pinterest which is a time suck.

No worries though! If you scroll down, you can grab my free templates! Just add in your own images, branding, and text. Here are the Story Pins I have created with this template:

Just remember to leave space at the top and bottom. Some smaller phones will cut off your image if you put text too close to the top. You can see on my templates and Story Pins that I left a lot of open space.

Use large text for the cover image so that people notice your first pin. Canva has free photos your can use as well as heavy fonts that will stand out. Use doodles and other elements sparingly. You want the image and text to be the focal point.

Canva design art board.

Create your first pin and then copy that pin inside of Canva by clicking on the copy button above the first image. Create as many pins as you need for your story. When you are done, go to the download button and download all your images. It will save as a zip file, so unzip the file before you upload it to Pinterest.

How to Create a Story Pin on Pinterest

To use Pinterest to add the text, overlays, other elements, you’ll need images for each one of your Story Pins. I created these pins for my other account inside of Pinterest. I added a background to each of these.

To use Pinterest, follow these directions:

  • Upload your images to the “Create Story Pins” area from your business account (Create –> Create Story Pins –> Create)
  • Upload images that allow you to use text and have a lot of “white space” or empty area
  • Choose a layout (full image or the image at the top)
  • Select a background color using “color fill” if using the half screen option
  • Add your titles and text. You can change the font, use a different color, set the sizing, or add a box behind the text. To make move the text box, it’s easiest if you click outside the design space and then mouse over the box. You can then move the text box to your liking, or adjust the bars if needed.

How to Add Your Story Pins to Pinterest

To add your created pins to Pinterest, you must first have access to the Story Pins feature. If you are on Pinterest, click on the Create link from the top of the page. You’ll see “Create Story Pins”. Click on that to start adding your pins.

You can add up to 20 different pins. The first pin is usually the cover or image that tells what all the other pins are about. I also add in an ending image that has a CTA or in the least, a link back to my website. The rest of the images are steps, suggestions, or part of the story I’m telling.

The directions from Pinterest on how to Add Story Pins to your account are as follows:

  • Log into your Pinterest for Business account
  • Click the Create link then click Create Story Pin
  • On the next screen, click Create Story Pin or click on one of your drafts
  • Click the directional arrow up icon and choose a cover image or video from your computer, or drag and drop to add the image or video
  • Add text and select your font, font size, alignment, color or highlight on the right side
  • Click the plus icon on the top-left side to add more images or videos
  • Click Next
  • Add details to your Pin, such as materials needed for your Pin, then click Next
  • Fill out the information about your Pin
    • Story Pin title: Add a title for your Pin
    • Board selector: Choose a public board to save your Story Pin from the drop-down menu
    • Tags: Search and add up to 10 tag topics to add to your Story Pin to reach people searching for similar ideas
  • Tap Publish

Watch the video below for Story Pin FAQ’s!

Story Pin Templates

Templates are huge time-savers that allow you to simply plug in your photos, text, and other information and not have to handle all the designing. You can also copy or move elements around if you want a different look and feel than using the template right “out of the box”.

Take my free Story Pins Course & grab a free set of templates!

Download the FREE TEMPLATES!

Grab a free set of Pinterest templates made in Canva! You only need the free version to use and you can create a variety of Pinterest pins with this mix and match set. 

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